Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Oh, goody. A short week after a vacation. Four days that will seem like 14, give or take. Or maybe not. I could survive it just fine. We'll have to wait and see.

I think the eating on vacation was an improvement over last week. A little sugar, a few french fries, but not mindless handfuls of candy. I have disposed of the candy corn, too. 155.8 this morning - not too surprised, and maybe a bit relieved. So, here we go again, trying to understand what works for me regarding weight loss right now, and what does not. 

Certainly over the course of the year, I succeeded best when in ketosis. And I think that's probably my best bet going forward. What I struggled with - up through last week, even - was avoiding sweets and staying in a ketotic eating approach. That has been so much harder than before. I've looked into a lot of ways to deal with it, including tryptophan/5-HTP or whatever it is, and can only assume that it's to do with hormones - certainly, part of PMS always involved carb cravings, and while menopause is not PMS, my hormones are certainly "off". So, maybe.

And now we're heading into the Holiday Season, fraught with danger of all sorts. I would have liked to be coming into this season below 150, and I'm not. But my clothes still fit - thanks, I think, to the walking we've been doing. Hoping we can keep that up (it was 18 this morning on the drive in to work, and supposed to snow - winter has officially arrived) - at the gym, if necessary. I think it also helps with my stress, although part of that was from being outside in nature, as well - and I think I will try to walk outside on weekends, regardless of the temps.

I had eggs and sausage for breakfast today, have a couple of pieces of string cheese with me, as well as macadamias, and short ribs in the crock pot for dinner, possibly with mashed cauliflower. Onward...

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