Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I mean, sometime this week, to take the macronutrient percentages and correlate them to my weight gain or loss, day by day - see if I can figure out what levels worked best for me over the summer, when I was actively losing weight. In the meantime, I hit 71% fat, 6% carbs, and 23% protein yesterday, and felt quite satisfied at about 1300 calories, so I do think ketosis has kicked back in, despite hitting only Trace->Small on the test stick last night again. 155.0 again this morning, still stiff and sore and sluggish.

We walked and did a few weights last night, which we both sort of regretted later. Lee was at least practical about it - when the dogs woke him up at midnight (and they all combined to wake me up), he went and took Advil. I tried to tough it out, and took an hour and a half to get back to sleep - sort of. It was one of those nights - freezing or sweating were my only options. Not good. I'm struggling with that this morning as well. So today will be a "recovery" day with no exercise whatsoever.

That said, I did a sub-14:00 mile even not trying too hard. So there's that. My speed is definitely improved.

Stress seems to be my one success of the moment. I've been listening to music on the commute instead of talk radio, and I can definitely tell a difference. I don't feel anywhere near the edge anymore, and that's nice. And I'm feeling much less urge to snack.

More broccoli soup today, and macadamias, and no idea what we're doing for dinner, which probably means a restaurant. I will try to avoid Mexican and Chinese, and see where that gets us. If at home, I'm proposing brats and kraut.

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