Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I kept things under control yesterday - a very good thing! The day's eating worked out to 75% fat, 7% carb, 18% protein. I can live with that. For what it's worth, I am at 154.6 this morning - must have been water, or at least, I guess that's what it was. No substantive ketosis at bedtime - maybe a slight tinge of Trace at most. Anyway, my goal at the moment is to start hitting Small on the keto-stix pretty much daily, and see if that's enough to start dropping.

I know this works - I've seen it work this past summer - but the cravings and what-not have derailed me so often this year that it feels a bit like that definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. 

I'm logging my food in LoseIt for a while, to try to get back in the habit of eating a bit more sensibly - and to get some data about what works to maintain ketosis and what does not - so I won't duplicate that here.

On the stress front, I put the radio on XM Symphony and listened to Barber and Mozart all the way home last night - and despite a nasty drive (snow and starting to get slick), I think I made it home in pretty good shape. Sleep wasn't great - I need to foam-roll my hips because I'm having some aches that are making me change position a lot. That's on the agenda for today.

Eggs and bacon for breakfast, soup for dinner tonight. Since I'm working at home, not sure what the middle will be yet.

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