Monday, December 1, 2014


I think, overall, we had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I was able to putter a bit, we got some exercise - both the Turkey Trot and leaf cleanup - and I had fires in the fireplace 2 days and got a lot of reading in. 

Eating was, well, okay. Generally carbier than usual, because, pie. And I could have done better than enchiladas for dinner on Saturday. But, even with a bit of lingering water from post-walk inflammation (I think, anyway), I'm only at 154.2, which is definitely in the could-be-worse category.

I didn't track eating at all while I was off. I'll start back this morning. The plan is to do the gym tonight, and at least a couple more times this week, and we have the Colder Boulder on Saturday (just a 5K). I also signed us up for a 5K on New Year's Day.

Sleep has been iffy. I'm contemplating blacking the room out, based on Robb Wolf's advice in his book, but for me, I don't think light cues are the issue - it's all temperature. And unless someone has some magic to stop the nighttime hot flashes, I'm kinda screwed in that area.

Stress was obviously down for most of the weekend - Thursday, not so much, but I burned off a lot via exercise that morning. I'm continuing to make my commute into as relaxing a thing as I can right now, and can only hope that it helps.

Leftover turkey broccoli casserole for lunch - a crazy high-fat cream/cheese sauce on it, so I'm guessing it's similar to the soup in profile.

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