Monday, December 8, 2014


Yeah. So annoying. 157.0 this morning, after being about that all weekend.

Friday, I started on what appears to have been a minor carb binge, by eating tortilla chips out of the bag around lunchtime.  I don't recall what we had for dinner, but I don't think it was an improvement. Saturday, we had the race, I had an all-day headache, which I tried to get rid of by mainlining green chile on enchiladas and tortilla chips; dinner, if I remember correctly, was snacking, including cheese and cashews. Yesterday, I made cookies, and ate 3 of them and scraps sufficient to have been a fourth. Also potato chips.

Some of the weight is water - my fingers are swollen and we did do a 5K on Saturday so there's some residual stiffness and inflammation from that. Some of it is digestive. But what has me so bloody annoyed isn't so much the weight as these cravings and binges and what-not. Four years ago, this wasn't happening; I was able to control what I ate and was in ketosis and able to stay there. Right now, I have a lot less control (out of control would have been a lot more than 3 cookies, I guarantee!), and have been having a cycle of "bingeing" (for me) on carbs followed by a couple of days of low-carb flu when I try to get back on track. It's irritating, to say the least, and I'm not what you'd call functional in that mode.

After looking up my dizziness and finding that it's probably "just menopause", and figuring that my not-quite-migraine on Saturday was probably "just menopause", I'm guessing that the carb issue is "just menopause" too, but all the other "just menopause" stuff like insomnia, flashes, dizziness, and mood swings, makes it nearly impossible to get control over the eating part. Stress much? Um, yeah.

So not good. Guess all I can do is keep trying to get control, and trying not to let "out of control" go too far. And take some fish oil for the inflammation.

On the other hand, we finished the 5K at a sub 15:00 pace, which is pretty darn good considering I wasn't really pushing the pace and Lee's plantar fasciitis was bugging him. And I got 2 nights of decent sleep in a row the last 2 nights - much needed (highlighting that I need more still). I'm in the middle of a room-darkening project that I hope will help even more; it would be done, but yesterday all I really wanted to do was curl up in a ball and rest - and I spent much of the day doing just that. (Apart from the cookie baking, anyway.)

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