Thursday, December 11, 2014


155.6 this morning. Somewhat better. I'm starting to see my appetite go down a bit, which, to me, means that ketosis is taking hold. Small ketosis at bedtime last night, so that's 2 days in a row. Christmas lunch party at work today - Mexican food - so I don't know if I'll be able to sustain it a third day, but I'm going to try.

We got to the gym last night; Lee's feeling inspired just now, after his physical. Fine, I guess - I don't know that I really need to go to the gym that frequently, and right now, I'm limping a bit from overworking my right leg last night (hamstrings/glutes and my big toe), so I guess I'm glad that tonight is a deployment for me and a social thing for him so we will not be working out. Aggravating last night, though. I'd been walking for a while at a good clip, went to look at my Running app to see what the distance was, and found that I'd paused it early in the workout and never restarted it. So my "official" distance last night is just over half a mile. Bother.

Salad with smoked turkey for dinner, 2 more rice-flour cookies, and a chocolate mint after that - the snacking at night has calmed down a good bit so far, and I'm hoping it will continue that way. Reasonable sleep - I know I woke up briefly around midnight, and for good some time after 4, and that was it. Hot flashes continue off and on, and I continue to hate them. Stress, well, it is what it is. If we can get the tree up this weekend, and the presents we have around the house into a wrapped state, I think I'll be good.

Late night tonight, unfortunately. I do wish I could find an interesting job that didn't involve long commutes or late nights, but I'm starting to think that I'd jump for one out of 3, which I don't have right now. Not looking terribly likely, these days, so I'm settling for a steady adequate income.

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