Wednesday, December 10, 2014


156.4 this morning. In a reverse of how I lost all the weight in the first place, I can gain real weight (apparently) in leaps and bounds and it is snail's pace coming off. I didn't think the 157 was real. I still don't, honestly, but it isn't dropping off at all. I think I will try to increase fluids today (a benefit of Fridays for me is the never-ending teapot, which I don't have at work), and see if that helps.

Eating yesterday was okay - a little carbier than I would have liked at 51.2 g, but that's an improvement over recent days, and I think it will go lower in the future. Lee told the doc yesterday that he didn't want to go back on statins, based on my advice, but when I told him that inflammation was a more important predictor of cardiac issues, he wanted to know how to control that, and my answer was to stop the bread and breading that he still eats and to increase the fish, so if he is taking that seriously (he's asked for a CRP test; the results will be interesting), the temptation to eat such things should be removed. I wonder if I can get him to give up the potato chips because the oil is a PUFA with omega-6s? Not that I eat them that often, but it would be nice not to have them in the house at all.

Ketosis last night was back at Small, and my goal today is to continue that trend, which probably means I should think of something other than LC pizza (which is not as LC as I would like) for dinner. Meatza, maybe? We haven't done that in quite a while.

Sleep was adequate - woke up twice that I recall, based on my iPod settings (one WWII playlist, one OTR). I went right back to sleep, or nearly so, and dreamt fairly vividly, although I don't actually remember any details, just that there were dreams. I wonder if that's a side-effect of the rice flour or cornstarch in the cookies? I think, having been cooked and cooled, that they'd be resistant starch, which is supposed to kick off a lot of dreaming. However, at 10 g carbs (for now, I'm counting them) each, I think we've had our batch for the season and I will freeze the other half of the dough for some time later.

Stress, I think, is low-level, and mildly chronic. My temper is too ready to flare at not a lot of stimulus these days, and I think that's why. Still working on it. Not sure what I can do beyond avoiding bathing in the news (so to speak) and using music to soothe the commute.

I have put the whole intermittent fasting on hold for a while - I still want to return to it, but I think I need to get through whatever is going on with me hormonally first, so that a skipped meal doesn't send me plunging face-first into the chips or the like.

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