Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Another day, another night of crap sleep. Interruptions last night involved a leg cramp, the dog, and at least one hot flash. Oh, and my sore left hip, which I finally managed to get attacked with the golf ball this morning, so I'm hoping those muscles will stop bugging me. Rough, though. I think I hit the bed before 8:30 last night. 154.8 this morning; 154.6 yesterday, which I forgot to mention. It looks as if I've resumed the weight pattern I had all summer, where the upper and lower limits of any given week would vary, hitting a high about Wednesday or Thursday and a low at one or the other ends of the week, but with both limits being slightly down from the previous week.

Eating was okay yesterday; we ate dinner at Country Buffet, which was fine in itself, but goofy when I tried to log the food in LoseIt - the restaurant is there, but the carb counts for everything are wildly wrong - as in, the carb count doesn't remotely reconcile with the calorie count for a given item. After using those items, I showed something like 750 grams of carbs. I picked substitutes - maybe accurate, maybe not, and my day went back to something approaching normal - 69.2% fat, 10.2% carbs (and under 50 grams), and 20.6% protein. Trace ketosis at bedtime, and a leg cramp. Haven't seen much of those in the past couple of months - good and bad.

Stress is okay; the holiday music on the commute is helping, I think. That, and trying to get the Christmas shopping done early; I want to have some time for a proper Advent, even if it isn't the whole 4 weeks.

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