Monday, December 15, 2014


155.2 this morning. Carby day yesterday, and truly, also on Friday; Saturday wasn't too bad, I think. Lee was sick yesterday and I was tired, and I ended up eating candy and cashews last night - too much. We ran a lot of errands, and yesterday was devoted to decorating the house for Christmas, and I actually got a fair amount of walking around between hanging ornaments and getting things in a state last night that I would be able to do the animals this morning fairly quickly.

Sleep over the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights) was good. Sleep last night was buggered all to hell; I woke up around 1:30 am and was still up well after 3:30 am. Oddly enough, I'm reasonably alert this morning - and that's after thinking that I was coming down with Lee's illness (which sure looks like influenza) for much of the time I was awake. I feel okay now - not great, but okay. Not sick, in any event. Paleo seems to have strengthened my immune system a lot, and I'm grateful for that.

Stress - could be better. Sick husband on top of full time job and long commute means more to worry about plus more to do, since he can't do much of anything in his current state. I'm quite grateful that we're decorated, and down to 3-4 gift cards to acquire before declaring a Christmas shopping victory. And I'm only about 1 present behind on wrapping, although I haven't added bows or tags or anything yet. I also got all the cards addressed last night, and if need be, will get them into a mailbox tonight. So that's done. I guess, in a nutshell, stress could also be worse.

Very light Trace ketosis last night - kind of surprising. Back to my weekday routine today - light breakfast, boatload of macadamia nuts, dinner of some sort. Not the best I could do, but it's what can be accomplished right now.

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