Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I may be baffled. 154.8 this morning; here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • strawberry kefir
  • macadamias throughout the day
  • low-carb pepperoni pizza - leftovers
  • cheese
  • a bag of jalapeno Zapps chips
  • chocolate almonds
  • chocolate blueberries
  • 1 tsp honey
I think that was it - maybe I just didn't eat that much. I certainly didn't have the weird snacking craving last night for once. No idea why I might be losing weight.

Fasting until dinner today, for Ash Wednesday. I am going to try fasting on Fridays as well; don't know if that will be as successful, since I'm at home with the food on Fridays.

Sleep continues to elude me. Last night I volunteered to take the couch and let Lee sleep in the bed - and I stuck it out until around 2, but didn't sleep at all well - it's rather narrow and in order to stay warm enough, I had about 10 lb of blankets on, and my legs cramped up, and, and, and... Anyway, I went back to the proper bed at 2, and promptly failed to sleep for most of the remaining available sleep time - I dozed on and off, but kept waking up with night sweats and sore hips and knees and shins and stuff. I am not as zombified as yesterday morning for some reason, and I'm grateful, but it is tough.

When daylight savings hits next week, I've proposed that we start walking after work and before dinner - just to get out in the air. I hope we can get started and then keep it up; I feel horridly out of shape right now.

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