Monday, March 10, 2014


I'm not entirely sure how, but I managed to get a decent night's sleep last night and woke up feeling rested. A stupid hour earlier than this time last week, dammit. I hate the time change weeks. It seriously does not matter which direction the clock moves, they make me feel miserable. However, I spent much of yesterday trying to do things to smooth it out, and maybe it worked! I did yardwork outside, and read in the evening, all but about 15 minutes without a TV. Granted, the TV time was at the end of the evening, just before going to bed, which might have been problematic, but I got to sleep pretty quickly and slept solidly until 3:30 this morning, which would be about 6.5 hours straight, roughly. Not bad. And I got back to sleep quickly after the 3:30 waking, too. 

Honey. It's what's for bedtime. I guess.

156.4 this morning - I think that's what I was on Friday as well, although it dipped down over the weekend. My lower back is stiff and sore, so it may be water. Not that I ate particularly well yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • ham, cheese, and tomato omelet
  • a few fried potatoes
  • chocolate covered blueberries
  • cashews (controlled quantity, but more than a handful)
  • chocolate covered coconut chunks
  • salami
  • steak with lemon herb butter
  • salad with blue cheese dressing
  • 1 tsp honey
I think that was it. I need to acquire some strawberries, I think. I'm feeling like they would be tasty.

In addition to strenuous gardening (tote that barge, lift that bale of peat moss, trim those raspberry canes, etc), I made sauerkraut in my new 2 gallon crock. One head of cabbage looks rather lost in there - and after reading all the Amazon reviews that said I'd get the wrong size weights, which caused me to order the bigger crock, I got the 1 gallon weights. Go figure. They look a bit lost too - but they seem to be doing the job of keeping the mass of cabbage well under water, so fine. I will be making larger batches of things later on, after this first batch of sauerkraut finishes its fermenting.

Now that we've been forced to have more light in the evening (at least it's a few months before it's light almost all the way to bedtime), I plan to use it to get a walk in most evenings, if possible. Starting tonight. I've been reading stuff online that argues for the before-dinner exercise pattern and the after-dinner exercise pattern, but I suspect our best bet is the whatever-damn-well-works exercise pattern, which is probably before eating. However it works out, I'm also going to continue getting out at lunch for a bit of a stroll and some fresh air - hoping that will also help with strength and flexibility and general well-being - and kick start a productive afternoon at work.

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