Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So far, so good - I think.  No idea what I weigh this morning - the hotel has bathrobes, but no scales.  But I'm eating okay.  Here's yesterday:

IHOP omelet, with ham, cheese, and tomatoes
Pork osso bucco
Polenta with butternut squash
Various root vegetables
A couple of hazel nuts

This morning, I have had scrambled eggs and bacon so far, and, depending on what's on offer for lunch, will probably fast until dinner.  Tea with half and half when I can - that should help if I do get hungry.

Read an article in USA Today this morning - intensive weight loss counseling of the obese, by their doctors, led to them losing and keeping off an average of 10 pounds.  It stayed off for 2 years.  Based on other information provided in the article, these were people weighing over 200 pounds to start with.  Sure would be nice if the doctors were even a little bit helpful...

"Comforts that were rare among our forefathers are now multiplied in factories and handed out wholesale; and indeed, nobody nowadays, so long as he is content to go without air, space, quiet, decency and good manners, need be without anything whatever that he wants; or at least a reasonably cheap imitation of it." -- G.K. Chesterton

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