Monday, November 21, 2011


We kept things fairly strict this past weekend, I think.  Which, by and large, was a good thing.  Lee's suffering from some sort of digestive upset at the moment - has been much of the weekend; he thinks it has to do with his sinuses being hyper productive.  Maybe so.

I made another batch of Paleo banana bread - used a bit less sweetener than last time, so it's more savory, which I don't mind, but I'll probably follow their recipe next time - we went out and bought dates, so I'll be able to.  Bought them at Costco, so I have a lot of dates available, and not much to do with them.  Maybe stuff them with goat cheese?  Appetizers for Thanksgiving!

144.6 this morning; up from 144.0 yesterday, but our scale appears to be suffering from death throes, so I don't know if I trust it.  Here's yesterday's eating:
The cookies were from a recipe I found at Elana's Pantry, and I wasn't sure that they'd actually work - what on earth holds them together after baking?  But they did, and although not terrifically sweet, were pretty addictive.  I made one change - swapped out her agave nectar for maple syrup, hoping that the latter isn't pure fructose (I haven't looked that up yet).  If I'm going to make paleo food, I really don't want to try to make imitation SAD food with weird chemical substitutions, and these make the grade - maybe 5 ingredients, and no hoops to jump through to force them to behave unnaturally, apparently.  Definitely a treat, not something we should be eating daily, but also very acceptable.

Well, this is getting weird.  Yesterday, Lee pointed me toward this article on Cafe Hayek, which sure seems to point to one of their contributors eating at least Archevore-style.  My attempt to tweet it failed - I embedded a space or something.  So, going there this morning to find the link, and what do I see? This - posted by the guy who's changed his diet.  So the way I eat, and the way I think politically (conservative/libertarian-ish), and the way I think economically (Austrian school), all circle round on each other.  If nothing else, I'm consistent.

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