Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Got back yesterday afternoon and have been running ever since, at least, sort of. It seems that way. 157.4 this morning, with swollen feet. I thought I ate pretty well, and that seems to confirm it. 

Mind you, in New Orleans, "pretty well" includes roux in gumbo, a bite of King Cake, occasional bits of bread, alcohol, cookies, and stuff like that. What I did this trip was to make sure that a bite was a true bite, the alcohol was intermittent and light, and that I stayed as clean as possible between times. Seems to have worked.

One thing I learned on this trip. I kept getting to the hotel at the end of a busy day just screamingly exhausted - or so I thought. After doing this multiple nights in a row, with reasonably decent sleep (our room was close enough to overlooking Bourbon Street to get most of the racket, so it was "best effort"), I realized that what I was reading as being tired was my back aching. Sleeping on a double bed didn't help, but I think the root cause was/is short hip flexors. We did a LOT of standing, and my lower back and butt muscles (and maybe the fronts of my legs around the knee as well) were working overtime to compensate for the fact that I've been sitting without a lot of activity for a lot of years.

So, back to the standing desk. Probably to some psoas stretches and foam rolling of IT bands and stuff of that sort. In hopes that it will stretch out a bit and make it possible that I might want to do something other than collapse after 3 hours of throwing beads at people from a standing posture. Crossing my fingers that a) that will work, and b) I'll keep on it.

I think that's it. As always, we had a fabulous time, despite the aches and pains and general chaos.

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