Monday, February 16, 2015


Another day working from home - it's snowing, and the state seems to have forgotten how to maintain roads in winter, judging by the radio traffic reports. I hope to do something of an exercise nature today, but if it doesn't stop snowing, the gym may not be accessible. I want to do something to get my FuelPoints above goal for the third day in a row - I would like to do a long streak for a change. Not sure what's prompting this urge, but it seems healthy and I'd like to encourage it.

That said, I slept poorly last night and feel like crap this morning. Guess we're looking at a Benadryl night. Hope it works this time.

I said Friday I was at 154.6. That was a typo - it was 156.4, as it is again this morning. The weekend included a 5K (16:35/mile on average), and not-so-great eating. We went to the movies last night and I ate 2/3 of a movie-sized bag of M&Ms. Also had a bout of leg cramps, both calves and both shins, in the middle of the movie, trapped in the middle of the back row, in one of the theatres with recliners, making an escape impossible. Nasty. I had to stand up in front of my seat (a good thing about being in the back row), back to the screen, and try to stretch the calf muscles out. I'm sure it was a bit distracting for the folks next to us, but hopefully not much.

Yesterday's eating included a breakfast of eggs and bacon, cheese, cashews, a naked burger and fries, and the M&Ms. Like I said, not great. We have chicken "tortilla" soup planned for dinner - chicken, tomatoes, and peppers in homemade chicken stock. Probably that and, well, not salad, because we are out of lettuce. Maybe just a lot of that.

My stomach has been a bit off this weekend as well. Maybe just a reaction to vacation or something. I think it's telling me to get back on the straight and narrow, which I mean to do - Lee needs to as well, to help with inflammation in his feet (he has arthritis and a hyper-extended achilles tendon or something, and will be doing physical therapy for it). Looking back, I've been feeling less than wonderful for a while, and while some of it is menopause-related, I'm sure, some of it is probably slippage from an optimal diet. No worries; I'm certainly not interested in junk food (apart from fries and chocolate, apparently) right now.

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