Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday (aka "vacation +1")

That was fun. As always, really. We ate - a lot, not all that well, so I am actually rather pleased to see only 157.8 this morning. Bread, breaded food, stuffed eggplant, roux, a beignet, trail mix, potato chips, king cake, pie crust - I think that's the list... Nope, also gummy bears. 

My feet swelled up like balloons, and didn't really settle down until this morning - and I'm not sure they aren't about to do it again; they feel a bit suspicious.

I won't go into details of yesterday's eating; we will be starting down the straight and narrow again as of today.

I slept fairly well without honey while we were gone, considering nasty hotel beds and flat pillows and weird lighting. Back to the honey last night, and slept from shortly after 9 until 3:44. Unfortunately, at that time, I noticed a funny beeping noise going off occasionally, and by the time I'd tracked it down and made it stop (the phone battery was dying), I was wide awake.

What else? Driving for 8-10 hours produces 2500 fuel points on my wristband. Not useful, really. I almost had a streak going, but opted not to do anything silly to get the final 100 points last night. My knees were almost not up to the challenge of this vacation, which I'm not happy about - we will be working on that at the gym, probably starting tonight or tomorrow.

As our friend Chuck remarked on Sunday, we have got all the carbon cleared out of our souls again for the year. And we will go back next year.

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