Monday, February 10, 2014


Good weekend. I am feeling much better, finally - a lot of the inflammation and general aches and pains has finally gone! 153.2 to boot, and I can feel my anklebones. And I slept well last night, despite initially thinking I wouldn't. So that's all good. Here's yesterday:
  • scrambled eggs with melted butter
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • cheese
  • about 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1 Toblerone
  • 2 squares dark chocolate
  • 6 dark-chocolate covered coconut chunks
  • baked "ziti" with cauliflower standing in for the pasta (terrific!)
  • salad with blue cheese dressing
  • 1 tsp honey
The dark chocolate was eaten after dinner, not before, but I was on a roll listing chocolate, so it went with the list. The baked ziti was an inspiration while cooking yesterday morning - Elizabeth had seen a ziti recipe being made on Pioneer Woman Saturday and was sort of drooling over it, and I had a bunch of leftover Italian sausage from last weekend, and a bag of frozen cauliflower. I have made cauliflower-based "mac and cheese" before and it was awesome, so figured we could do the same with ziti. That's a keeper - even with not having any ricotta and substituting whipped cream cheese instead (no idea if it's a valid officially recognized "substitute" for ricotta or not, but it worked).

In any event, I barely made "Trace" ketosis by bedtime, and wasn't sure I was going to be able to get to sleep at all quickly - I was only a little sleepy at the time - but slept like a rock, even with Lee getting up multiple times overnight (hist report; I don't recall it at all) and thrashing a lot. I can actually see his night on my Sleep Cycle graph - despite not even rousing until after 4, it has multiple near-waking spikes throughout the night. I'm honestly not sure I even moved.

We have a Paleo Shepherd's pie for dinner (using boursin cheese in the cauliflower for the crust - yum!), and I have more of the "ziti" for lunch. Lee and Elizabeth head for the warmth tomorrow from work and I'm on my own for a week - in which I'm going to experiment wearing my ski goggles to blu-block in the evenings and use Sleep Cycle as my alarm clock and a bunch of other stuff. N only equals 1 when I'm not bothering my family with it, after all.

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