Monday, February 17, 2014


Going to be one of those days, I guess - Gmail is unreachable from work, although my phone seems fine reaching it. Fortunately, I always have a Plan B. So, let's see. How are things going?

Overall, things are a bit weird. On Friday, my sleep spoiled by 2 hours of dog whining, I had a minor breakdown, resulting in my family changing the start date of the dogs' stay at the kennels to Saturday. I took them there around 10 Saturday morning and subsequently had a quiet weekend. I did not realize how high maintenance they are, even compared with Chelsea, our previous dog. I found myself in the shower at one point, realizing that I didn't need to worry about what had been eaten when I got out. Our dogs are a lot like 2-year-olds, really. Anyway, I got a lot of rest, and am feeling a lot better than I did Friday, and I'm sure they are happy and well cared for. 

As regards eating, my weekend was utter crap. I think I ate a total of 2 "meals" all weekend, and just snacked a bunch. Not only that, but snacked on cashews and chocolate covered cherries from TJs and cheese. Those three items pretty much describe my diet all weekend, with the exception of leftover LC pizza as Saturday lunch, and a cheeseburger patty and sauerkraut as dinner last night. Surprisingly, most of the water weight is gone and my ankles feel nice and thin and bony, and I weigh 154.2 this morning. Which is down from Friday. My jeans also feel roomy, which they haven't in a while. Good timing, since our Mardi Gras stuff starts Wednesday (I fly out tomorrow!!!).

No food log from yesterday; I would certainly forget key things. Today is a heavy cream and macadamia morning with something composed of hamburger for dinner - probably a taco salad, to clean out the fridge.

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