Monday, December 2, 2013


In general, I think we had a good Thanksgiving holiday - a little family time, a little shopping, got the house decorated for Christmas, including outdoor lights, and we ate okay.  Not perfect, but okay. 150.0 this morning, which means, I think, that I lost a pound over the 4 days. Considering I ate carbs to what I think of as excess both Saturday and yesterday, it might even be real.

Sleep was generally good.  I tried eliminating the melatonin and just doing the honey a couple of nights - while the overall quality was still pretty good, it took longer to get to sleep, and I did find myself thrashing a lot more in the early morning hours.  So I went back to the combo, and it is still working great. If only I could find a curative for the hot flashes that worked as well...

Here's yesterday:
  • omelette with ham, cheese, and tomatoes
  • about 1/2 of a portion of hash browns
  • tea with cream
  • a handful of cashews
  • some cheese - I think only 2 pieces
  • 5 dark chocolate coconut almonds
  • 2 squares maltitol-sweetened dark chocolate
  • meatballs with spaghetti sauce and cheese
  • salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • walnuts
  • 1 tsp of honey
I also made more egg custards yesterday, so that was breakfast today, and I didn't bring anything with me to eat, which might mean I fast to dinner, or it might mean I eat my last package of jerky. Hard to say just yet.

I wasn't in ketosis at bedtime yesterday.  I know I need more fat in the diet, and will be attempting to get some breakfast in each morning this week, since that's a good opportunity to eat fat. Hoping it works!

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