Thursday, December 5, 2013


151.8 this morning; sleep (without honey) much the same.  I woke up around 3:45, I think, with a hot flash.  These days, I've only been having them at night, and occasionally on the way in to work with the seat heater on. So that was night 1 of the week without honey for sleep.  I don't know if things will degrade as it "wears off" or what.  I did have some sugar after dinner, which, based on Seth Roberts' theory, might work in exactly the same way.  Here's yesterday:
  • egg custard
  • tea with cream
  • two string cheese sticks
  • cheddar cheese
  • cashews (less than a handful, I think)
  • a burger with swiss cheese, guac, and jalapenos
  • cottage cheese
  • two pickle slices
  • 6 dark chocolate coconut almonds
I think that was it.

We are all struggling mightily with being functional right now - dark short days, the cold, job-hatred are all working together to put us into hibernation, basically.  So it probably doesn't help at all that I'd moved mostly out of ketosis.  Trying to get back into a fairly solid measurement on the ketostix, but to no avail so far - just "trace" last night. I had a bunch of salami this morning for breakfast, hoping the fat will help.  We have a lunch for work today, and I think it offers good opportunities to eat well - lots of meat and veg served without bread.

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