Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Lee's suffering from muscle cramps again, but I managed not to have any last night.  His are showing up in his back and shoulders, which is a weird place and very hard to do the kind of stretches these things need.  I've increased his potassium, and guess he should probably eat more bananas - for that and for the starch.

As for me, I'm down to 146.3 this morning - a lot of the lost weight was water, I believe, which points to the Mexican food on Sunday.  I'm a bit sore and inflamed across the board, so I need to give some thought to PUFA ratios, I guess.  Not easy when I don't really like fish much.  But I guess Elizabeth and I could have tuna-salad-stuffed tomatoes for dinner tonight, which would help.  Here's yesterday:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese (maybe only 2 pieces?)
  • Godiva chocolate pearls - 6ish
  • ribeye steak (I'd guess it was about a pound)
  • salad with meat
  • dijon vinaigrette
  • 4 chocolate cherries
I took a brief look at Smashburger's nutrition site, and near as I can tell, the dinner the other night amounted to maybe 4 carbs, so if Monday's eating caused real weight to be gained, I'd lay it down to the nasty candy I had for dessert.

I haven't been reading much in the Paleo blogosphere lately, but what I've seen on Twitter indicates that the safe-starch-and-bland-diet folks are on the ascendant over the low-carb-insulin-hypothesis group.  Whatever.  I think they all need to step back and look at the big picture.  If we didn't have food manufacturing and refrigeration (or freezing, more likely - call it preservation), what/how would we eat?  I would guess that we'd eat fatty animals whenever we could get them, and roots and fruits when they were available.  So that would be a diet that leaned toward starch in winter, fruit in summer/fall, leaves in spring, with meat and fat sort of throughout the year.  With insulin mediating the weight gain that would result from the summer/fall fruit, so that we'd go into winter with more insulation and stored energy.  And we'd start Spring having used that stored weight up, ready to eat whatever Nature put on offer.  Seen that way, they're kinda both right, and the human diet would probably work rather well on that model.  It's not really how we eat now as a family, but by eliminating things-in-boxes from the category of "food", I think we're a lot closer to that approach than most of the West, and far healthier for it.  That said, I think I will continue to shift us in that direction as much as possible, so will be planting for salad in the next few weeks (yeah - I see the light at the end of this nasty tunnel, Winter!) and looking very much forward to the berry crop over the summer.  And I guess that means that we could increase our potato/carrot/yam intake right now, and maybe start looking at some of the other roots.

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