Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday after the long vacation and the start of the new job

Yikes - what's it been, almost 2 weeks?  We ended up leaving for New Orleans on Thursday evening, because a blizzard was threatening that we had to beat out of town.  Stops included Amarillo and San Antonio on the way down.  Lots of eating out - no alternative, really.  I did a reasonable job of sticking to meat-and-veg on the road, sort of; I'm having a sudden flashback to some sort of fried cheesecake dessert in San Antonio, and I ate more french fries than would have been strictly healthy.  Once in New Orleans, though, it got really hard.  I even ate bread on a couple of occasions.  I also had turtle soup, which was really good, but probably not something I would make at home, owing to the difficulty of acquiring turtle in these parts.

And then there was the drinking.  You know you're celebrating Mardi Gras with gusto when you find yourself having a drink with three different kinds of alcohol in it, before breakfast - and considering having seconds.  So, from Wednesday through Sunday, it was just one giant cheat.  And I'm paying for it - although not solely in added weight.  I have nasty swollen ankles, thumbs, knees, elbows, shoulders, face - pretty much everywhere.  Inflammation.  Not a nice place to visit.  I'm starting to see it dwindle, having been home for three days now, but it's taking longer than I would like. 

More recent eating has included fat-bomb smoothies for breakfast, no lunch (two handfuls of hazel nuts yesterday), and a protein-oriented dinner - salami and cheese Monday, steak-and-wedge salad with blue cheese dressing yesterday.  It's been helping.  When I got home, I was at 151.4 (what is that, up 4 pounds for the week?), and this morning, I'm down to 150.1.  But, as I said, I'm still pretty swollen up, so there's more to be shed.

Wore the Vibrams as much as weather would permit, and they were fabulous.  My feet held up much longer and recovered much faster in them than when I had to wear more structured running shoes.  If they'd allowed for socks (or if I'd had toe socks), I would have probably worn them on the float, but it was pretty cold on Saturday, and I was looking for anything with insulating properties.

Don't know if I can continue the week-daily updates or not, but I'll try.

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