Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Yeah, I know. Bad week. In terms of time, anyway. I'm on my own for a week and a half, and on top of that, work has been nothing but aggravation. One of those times when I wish I were a hunter-gatherer more than usual.

That said, I've lost weight this week, I think. 157.2 this morning. Mostly because I haven't had time or willpower to snack. Okay, maybe no energy to snack; I hardly think willpower has been involved.

And I've been getting some good sleep. Ignoring the dog's pleas to sleep on the bed with me, and not dealing with anyone in the room coughing or having to get up in the middle of the night for any reason. As an example, I woke briefly this morning at 4:33, thought I was awake enough to need audio to get back to sleep or pass the time, turned it on, and my next conscious thought was that it wasn't working. An hour later, when it had stopped because it was a 1-hour playlist. Now that's what I call sleep. I'm feeling much more rested than I have in a while, and I have about 7 more nights of it, so I will try to take full advantage.

Eating - breakfast is light, to say the least. No time to cook. Sliced chicken the past 2 days. No real lunch either - an apple and cheese yesterday, just cheese today. And a light dinner, at a point in my day when I'm not all that hungry anymore (no fooling, because I'm hungry now, in the morning). 

I am taking potassium at night. No other supplements just now, because of not being organized enough on my own behalf to get them laid out - all my organization at home goes to getting the dogs fed quickly.

Evenings are spent reading in a room with just one light on, for the most part - iPad initially, but I try to put it down when it gets dark outside, and shift to paper. No TV. And I've been running the AC at night as well - the temp is set at 65, and it's quite cool.

Could I do this if I were not alone? Maybe the eating. Definitely not the quiet evenings. Don't know about the temperature. But the combination is working for me so far, and I'll take it as long as I can.

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