Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Well, at least I didn't gain. A bizarre thing to say after eating hardly anything, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

157.4 this morning, a slight loss.  Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • walnuts (really not many)
  • 3 pieces of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese
  • ground beef with salsa, tomatoes, sour cream, and cheese
  • a mixture of salted peanuts, dark chocolate chips, and dried cranberries
  • a swallow of Gatorade
I always forget that last thing - like I forget when I have hot chocolate at work because there is no decent tea upstairs. I have been taking a nightly magnesium citrate with a swig of Gatorade (for the other electrolytes) to ward off leg cramps. Whether it's been that, or whatever I've been eating (hardly any carbs), the leg cramps have been mostly not a problem.

Back to eating breakfast tomorrow, I think. Lee should be home tonight, and I'm grateful. The putter weekend alone was all right - got lots of small stuff done that I've had on my list - but handling work stress alone has not been at all nice this past week.

Sleep good again last night. I didn't even have audio to fall asleep - apparently passed out on the way to turn it on, because the speaker was in position, but the night's fall-asleep playlist had not even been selected. And I didn't use it in the morning, either. I've needed the sleep, for sure.

As for the weight - there is still water. My fingers are swollen. It will go away. And then we shall see what this period of not really eating much has done. And, I hope, be able to continue it, until my set point (I do tend to believe that exists) moves down a bit.

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