Friday, November 5, 2010

That's odd

I kind of carbed up yesterday to keep the leg-cramps at bay: potato chips in the morning (stopped the "bubbly" sensation cold), cashews in mid-afternoon, and the somewhat-low-carb combo from McDonald's for dinner - a bunless double quarter pounder with cheese and a small fries (which, I learned yesterday, have some wheat in them - go figure).  I know the chips were double-digit carb grams, as were the fries, and I think the cashews were up there, too, so I figure I probably topped 60 grams, easily, which is really high for me.  Two results:
  • First, and probably of most short-term importance, I slept the night through with no eruptions to stomp hard on my left foot.  So I achieved my main goal.
  • Second, mysteriously, I was back at 147.2 this morning, so upping the carbs (granted, no obvious sugar involved in any of it), made the last of my water weight disappear - either that, or I lost actual fat and when the water goes, I'll weigh even less. 
Makes me think I have no idea how this juju works.  And I don't, really.  I trust the evidence and synthesis presented in Good Calories, Bad Calories, but even Taubes admits that all he's really done is busted the Lipid Hypothesis; the research isn't out there to tell us what we should be doing, really, except "not that".  I am really looking forward to his new book - I think it shows up in December.  Even if it is just GCBC boiled down for a mass consumer market, it should be a good read.

Weekend away coming up - a trip to Phoenix.  I think I see a protein-style In-N-Out double cheeseburger in my future...

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