Friday, November 19, 2010


Broke yesterday's fast with meat from one of those convenience deli roast turkey breast things at the grocery store (good stuff) and gravy made with a roux of butter and sweet white rice flour.  Much more gravy-like than the potato starch option, although the thickening properties again appear to way outpace wheat flour.  Tasted good and the texture was about right - maybe not as silky smooth as a flour-based roux, but perfectly acceptable.  So that's what we'll be using at Thanksgiving.

The fast has not completely settled my stomach, it appears this morning.  Bother.  I'm not sure what I got into, but I figure I'll keep eating pretty clean and it'll go away eventually - and if it doesn't, I'll call the doctor.  I had some more turkey for breakfast - cold with salt and pepper, essentially the middle of a post-Thanksgiving breakfast turkey sandwich.  It was very lean and the skin was roasted to unchewability, so I don't know how long it will last this morning.

Down to 145.8 this morning - not intentionally.  One day I'll track my caloric intake and see if maybe I'm eating way too little or something.  In addition to turkey and gravy yesterday, I had some chocolate almonds and some Kerrygold cheese and some cheese spread on pecans, none of which is low-calorie or low-fat.  On the other hand, all my day's eating did take place between 6 and 9 pm, so the overall quantity had to be somewhat constrained.  I eat when I'm hungry (unless deliberately fasting) and I eat until I'm not hungry - seems like the right thing to do as maintenance.

Thought about buying some strawberries last night, but absolutely none of them had any fragrance, meaning that they'd taste like nothing without added sugar.  So I didn't.

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